Julie Richoz's first personal exhibition in Köln.

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Par Julie,


As part of the Design Parade Grand Prix (Villa Noailles' international design festival held beginning of July) she won in July 2012, Julie Richoz, a young swiss designer, is now presenting her first personal exhibition,in collaboration with the Institut français Köln and the Villa Noailles at the Galerie Biesenbach, in Köln.


All the objects exhibited were developed during Julie Richoz's residencies included in the award's grants: in Sèvres - cité de la céramique, in the CIRVA (International center of research on glass) in Marseille and the grant given by the kreo Gallery.


NELUMBO Sèvres – cité de la céramique

Perfume diffusers by Julie Richoz, Nelumbo - SèvresAs a part of her residence at Sèvres – cité de la céramique Julie Richoz worked with the whiteness and translucence of the porcelain to design floating perfume diffusers to be created by Sèvres.



The series Vases Coques et Oreilles reflects the spontaneity of exchange between Richoz and CIRVA. Composed of pieces of interlocking glass, the vases reveal whether a frictions or a symbiosis of colours. Through a dialogue between Julie’s designs and the pieces blown by the glassmakers, the direct relationship with the material itself rought forth a series of mutating shapes, puting forward the notion of movement. 


DYADE - Galerie kreo

Called Dyade, this lamp consists of two suspended shapes: a luminous ring with a definite line which demarcates the contours of the object and a white shape which serves as a reflector to spread the light beyond the object itself. This reflector appears and disappears, thus varying the light. The ring is therefore successively full or empty according to the gradual movements of the reflector.




In addition to the cup and bowls, vases and light, Julie Richoz presents, for the first time, a serie of lithographies and drawings. The young designer will be present at the gallery Biesenbach during the week of Passagen.

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