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Hyères is a 2400-years of history book. A page of Phocaean Mediterranean trade, a medieval chapter with the castle and the old town, a rich section on the arrival of European princes and aristocrats who bequeathed us splendid villas and palaces, to the modern era that hosts the artistic avant-garde of the twentieth century in the Noailles Villa.


One-day visit

Discover Hyères (1 day)

Themed guided tours allow you to discover the Hyeres' 2400 years of history from the Phoenicians to the modern era. After a gourmet break in a restaurant, spend the afternoon touring the Giens Peninsula, on board of your coach, and enjoy the panoramic views of Hyeres' extraordinary landscapes from Costebelle hills.


Price per person from 32 € (50 persons max.)

A la carte group visits

The Salt history (1:30)

Salt harvesting, already practiced during Antiquity, went on in Hyères until 1995. Exported throughout Europe, salt, precious commodity, made ​​the fortune of the city. This visit to the heart of Salin des Pesquiers (Pesquies' saltmarshes) today an ornithological reserve, tells you about the job of Saunier (salt worker), its traditions and legends.


Price per group: 131.50 € (30 persons max.)

Hyères through the centuries (2:00)

From the Greek Olbia to the Villa Noailles, Hyères hosted illustrious visitors. Follow their footsteps in our Provençal town and discover its cosmopolitan and bold architecture, its ruins and gardens.



Price per group: 130.50 € (50 persons max.)

Hyères in the XIXth century (2:00)

In the nineteenth century, aristocrats and artists came to Hyères to enjoy its mild climate in winter. They built palaces, churches and villas decorated with magnificent gardens and changed radically the architecture of the city.



Price per group: 130.50 (50 persons max.)

The Villa Noailles (2:00)

Renowned patrons, the Noailles ordered a bold villa to the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens. Mecca for parties and events, they welcomed the artistic avant-garde of the twentieth century: Giacometti, Cocteau, Picasso, Dali and Man Ray ...


Price per group: 130.50€ (40 persons max.)


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