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A town of people and… 7,000 palm trees

People have grown palm trees in Hyères for centuries. Hailing from different continents, the Chinese palm tree, the oasis date tree, the Mexica Washingtonia, the Australian Livistonia and the Chamaerops (an endemic small-sized palm tree) all benefit from the region’s moderate and sunny climate, lining up the town’s avenues and peopling its gardens. The majestic Phoenix Canariensis palm tree was quickly dubbed “Hyères’ palm tree” and became the town symbol.


The Olbius Riquier garden hosts over 40 different species of palm trees.

Long-time residents

In the Renaissance, Hyères was mostly famous for its orange groves although palm trees were already cultivared then. In the 19th century, the trend spread from private gardens to the city itself. Various species were introduced to the town’s nurseries, taking advantage of the fertile and moist land and the presence of sun all year long. In the 1910s, close to a million palm trees were grown in Hyères. In the autumn and spring, they would be shipped to customers throughout France and even Europe.


Palm tree lovers

“Because life in all its forms, including vegetal, deserves passion”


A group of palm tree enthusiasts, inspired by the tree’s various forms and colours, created an association and a website to share their knowledge on palm culture and to exchange seeds among members. An original concept for participants living all around the world.

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