A game of pétanque

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All you need for a pétanque game, be it in family or with friends is 15 meters in the corner of a square, a shaded track or one of the numerous boulodromes – or pétanque courts – available through town…


Chose your style

Once the location determined, the game may begin, following the rules of the pétanque, its Provencal variation or the Lyon ball game. Among the most popular pétanque courts in town is the “first-class” boulodrome in front of the Media Library (on the Vicomtesse-de-Noailles Square) as well as the court located on the Daviddi Square at l’Ayguade. The Palaggoi court at the Salins as well as the one located on the car park of La Capte often turn into the stages of epic encounters.


A makeshift ethos

At the core of pétanque’s philosophy lies its ability to pop up in the least probable places. Each neighbourhood has at least one pétanque court. In the campsites of Hyères, a court is also a must, sometimes building up to heated and memorable encounters for the discipline…As for the vast pinewood located between l’Ayguade and les Salins, it calls for a particular, “four-wheel drive” version of the sport which would pair wonderfully with a picnic in the shade of the pine trees.


Pro pétanque

Are you ready to face the local champions? Here is a map with the location of the city’s official and non-official pétanque courts:



Do you know of a court that is not on the map? Tell us about it by EMAIL!

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