Hyères as a Film Stage

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Iconic cinema scenes shot in Hyères

The gorgeous Anna Karina dragging her nonchalance along the Treille beach in Porquerolles…the old pontoon and lovers shed are still standing, just as in the famous New Wave movie Pierrot le Fou by Jean-Luc Godard (1965).


In the old Hyères stands the timeless Lion d’Or hotel, film set to scenes of Francois Truffaut’s 1983 Finally, Sunday! (Vivement Dimanche)... attentive film buffs will also recognise the auditorium of the Denis theatre where resounded the voices of Fanny Ardant and Jean-Louis Trintignant.

Could it be due to its natural light, the picturesque nature of its streets, the charm of its marinas or the diversity of its coastal line? Whatever it is, Hyères has attracted its share of movie cameras!

Impressive chronology

It all started in 1930 with the Surrealists and their intriguing films shot at the Villa Noailles: The Golden Age by Buñuel or Cocteau’s The Blood of a Poet

It continues with the New Wave and Jean-Paul Belmondo spending his summer of love in Porquerolles, the Niel Marina and l’Ayguade (Pierrot le Fou). It was also the years when Hyères’ independent International Film Festival for Young People managed to secure Marguerite Duras in its jury and when the French actor Michel Piccoli would head south, followed on his Hyères adventure by a swarm of Parisian journalists.

An ongoing story

Later on, Luc Besson’s classic The Big Blue (1998) shot the scene of Enzo entering the harbour in a flashy red motorboat at the Niel marina. In 2005, the French film Le Parfum de la Dame en Noir also had a scene take place near the Estissac fort and the Palud beach in Port-Cros. The popular TV series Un gars, une Fille filmed episodes in Hyères while, more recently, the film Cartouches Gauloises (2007) by Mehdi Charif was shot between Algeria, Hyères and Pierrefeu.


mythical scene
Ah ! Ana Karina play on the beach Treille , Porquerolles , where you can still see the old dock and shed love Pierrot le Fou (Jean- Luc Godard, 1965) : " What I ' can do, I dunno what to do ... "
At the Hotel du Lion d'Or, in the old Hyères, where François Truffaut filmed scenes in 1983 Deeply Sunday, nothing , almost, has changed ... Film buffs will also recognize the auditorium of Denis Theatre , where still echo the voices of Fanny Ardant and Jean- Louis Trintignant .
Is it the natural light that prevails , its picturesque streets, its fishing boats , the charm and diversity of its coastline, multitudes of landscapes and environments that are juxtaposed ? Hyères has seen , stars and cameras !
memorable encounters
It started in 1930 by the Surrealists , and disconcerting works performed at the Villa Noailles : The Golden Age deBuñuel , The Blood of a Poet Cocteau ... When Hyères turned his head to artists.
It continued with the New Wave : summer , Hyères is left stunned by the passion of Jean- Paul Belmondo, Porquerolles , but also in the harbor of Niel or Ayguade . At the time, Marguerite Duras came regularly preside over the jury of independent film festival full of talent : the International Festival of Young Cinema , and the Parisian press down tipsy interview the dashing Michel Piccoli on a bench downtown ...
An ongoing story
And then there was The Big Blue (1988), and Enzo spectacular arrival in the port of Niel, The Perfume of the Lady in Black (2005) where insiders recognize the height of the beach and Estissace La Palud, Port- Cros ... until a guy , a girl , who has devoted several episodes to holiday " Chouchou " and " Loulou " in Hyères and recently Cartridges Gallic (2007), feature film Mehdi Sharif rotated between Algeria, Hyères and Pierrefeu .

Pierrot le fou in Porquerolles

Fanny Ardant in Finally, Sunday!

Luc Besson's Big Blue, at the Niel marina

Le parfum de la dame en noir, in Port-Cros

Le gendarme et les gendarmettes, in Hyères' train station

Le cave se rebiffe

In Giens (on Renée Sabran beach) for L'élève Ducobu

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