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While the town’s general urban plan suggests a chronological evolution from the inland historical town to the modern city centre and onward to the sea resort, you will soon find out that Hyères is actually made of a cluster of neighbourhoods, each with a personality of its own. As for the islands, they reveal yet another facet of the city. Navigate through them and make up your mind as to which one you like best for the beach, the apéro or an ice cream break.


The Saint Pierre Marina

On its docks, carefree flâneurs and busy sailors interact while the terraces of the nearby cafés bustle with locals setting up for a sunset apéro. Whether it is during the busy time of the regattas or in the long summer nights, the Saint Pierre marina is a merry place to spend an evening, lulled by the muffled din of masts moving in the wind.



Located at the very end of the peninsula, the village of Giens is a discrete gem. Located on a slight hill, it overlooks the coast and its square offers an unbeatable view upon the sea. You will enjoy taking an improvised hike looking for a secluded creek, or wake up early to catch a sight of the picturesque fish market taking place everyday at the Niel marina when the fishermen return.



According to locals, this neighbourhood retains a piece of the town’s old soul. As the sun starts to decline and you absent-mindedly follow the games of pétanque being played on the shady main square and the families returning from the beach and stopping for an ice-cream, you will find in the whole atmosphere a nostalgic air of yesteryear.


The Salt Marshes neighbourhood

Located next to the ancient salt marshes, the neighbourhood that bears the same name, retains an industrious quality, which makes it particularly attaching in its authenticity. There, you will get to admire fishing boats characteristic of the region (called pointus) and enjoy one of the best bouillabaisse (a local fish soup) of the region! The neighbourhood also offers the calmer charms of its secluded beach, far from the hustle and bustle of other parts of the coast.

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