First dive

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The world of silence

Put on your diving suit, learn the essential signs to communicate under water, listen to your instructors’ briefing and take off on the boat…Soon enough, the engine will turn off and the boat moor in a creek. The cord ladders will be thrown in the water.


A dive in the big blue

Find out here about the clubs offering first dives in Hyères.

Despite the load of the bottles, you feel weightless in the water, floating on the surface. Signal ok to your teacher, place the diving regulator in your mouth and dive under, in the silent kingdom of the deep seas. Aside from the light jingle of the pebbles rolling on the seabed and the light oxygen bubbles rising to the surface, not a noise comes to perturb this submarine cathedral. Evolving unburdened in the water, feel free to enjoy the unbeatable sights of the rich underwater world.


A safe adventure

Throughout the adventure, your coach is never far, making sure your first dive takes place in complete safety. All you need to worry about is to swim slowly, breathe calmly and enjoy the views; your instructor will take care of all the technical details. As you marvel of the majestic views of the Eunicella – a white kind of coral - , benches of small wrasses and chromis chromis fish will keep a watchful if benevolent eye on you. Blue is all around you. So is life. A first dive is an unforgettable experience.


A few minutes under water...
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