Here is a tip for a nice walk to the charming fisherman’s port of Niel, on the Giens peninisula. Follow the coastal path for a while, where you will get to admire wonderful landscapes along the coastline, to ascend to Giens before joining your departure point.

Here is a precise map of the itinerary. Please keep in mind that this leisurely walk takes 2 hours.

  • Park at the Niel’s port
  • Walk along the small beach toward the coastal path.
  • Go past the Provencal hotel swimming pool.
  • Arriving at an old door, take the small street that goes up to the village.
  • Walk through the village, enjoy the panaroma from the Bachaga Boualem’s square, stop for a drink on a terrace ..
  • Then take the main road down to the Niel’s port.

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