We recently uploaded a fantastic video about a family and its new life in Hyeres. This is another interview. It smell like happiness ! ♥

Our home for the last six months has been Hyères (in France). Today we show you why we like this place so much. We also want to know if you think we made the right choice to move here over Montpellier. Welcome to WorldTowning.

Join the whole family, Jessica, Avalon, Largo and Will on our epic journey of discovery through travel around the globe. We are digital nomads who find new life and love through travel every day. Our family channel vlogs are about our awesome adventures as we travel around the world. Subscribe to our family VLOG as we are living in France and start following now!

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Discover a family who made the leap to give up the daily grind and travel the world. Jessica, Avalon, Largo and Will have a few precious years to spend time with kids until they launch on their own individual journeys. Their plan is to change countries every 9-12 months and explore all that the area has to offer. Discover their fantastic video in our city : Hyeres. We are very proud of this footage. ♥ ^^