All aboard !

We invite you aboard the Brigantin, an old rig with many charm, to discover Hyères and its islands.


Let’s cast off!

The sun is beating down, the breeze blows softly…as soon as we leave the Saint Pierre marina, the wind fills the sails and takes us sailing toward the quiet freedom of the high seas. Tug the rope, sailor! This 70-years old tuna vessel cuts quietly through the blue waters. Shiver me timbers: be Captain Haddock for a day!



Le Brigantin raise the sails !

Aboard the Brigantin

Aboard the ship, the sails are raised. The welcoming captain serves us coffee and tells us anecdotes of his life on the sea: his passion is contagious! Sailors for a day, we stick to our post, gazing at the breathtaking seascape, lulled by the crackling noises and the beating of the water against the hull.

An eyeful

While we savour every minute of this magical moment, the old tall ship takes us to mythical places: the Giens peninsula and its array of wild creeksPorquerolles and many other Southern pearls.

What now?


Different formulas are available and you may chose between a fishing outing or a full day in Porquerolles. For more information and booking

Further informations

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Time to cast the anchor. The ladder is thrown down and invites the passengers for a well-deserved swim in the turquoise waters. And as we climb back on board, lo-behold! Glasses of fresh rosé have popped up on the table. The rest? We will let you live it for yourself. There is still a stock of adventures ahead and not enough space to write about them all.