Reach for the stars


The neighbourhood of Costebelle is located on a hill to the West of town. From its promontory, it offers unbeatable views on the city, the bay and the peninsula. The Observatory of the Pic des Fées is a surprising sight, looking like it just landed atop the Mont des Oiseaux hill. The Observatory was built by a group of passionate amateurs who built it straight into the rocks. They regularly organise astronomy conferences and telescope stargazing nights.

Le télescope d'observation, en haut du Mont des oiseaux

Cliché de la lune pris depuis le Pic des fées

Stargazing Nights


New! Come and look at the stars with the Observatory’s new 406mm Meade 16” Schmidt-Cassegrain eyepiec

Still active, these amateur astronomers invite you to observe the sky from the Pic des Fées Observatory. The observatory has eight observation domes, each hosting telescopes pointed at the skies. For a night, visitors partake in the dance of the planets. In the summer, the open-air amphitheatre hosts a cycle of astronomy conferencesThe observatory also has an educative sundial and a planetarium.

Pic des Fées Observatory

The observatory

The Pic des Fées Observatory is open every Friday night from 20.30 to 23.30 between October and the end of June.

More details and booking at: or by email or +33 (0) 618 14 67 04 (Mondays and Thursdays from 10.00 to 12.00)

Access to the observatory and telescope observation is free. Access to the planetarium (over 8 years old): 1 €/person.