Between sky and sea

Although it may look complex, kite surfing is actually quite accessible, even to children. As you glide on the waves, the wind is your ally, providing you with thrilling sensations. Moreover, the sport offers great 360° views on the Almanarre, the coast and the high seas. You won’t resist it!

Beginners will take a class, showing them how to have fun and discover new sensations. Meanwhile, more daring and expert kite surfers might try out more complex and acrobatic figures.

From a distance, kite surfing spots look replete with big kites flying over the water. As you pass nearby, stop for a few minutes and enjoy this dance of brightly coloured sails…and maybe even take bets on the best athlete!


ready ? action !

Many events will take place on this famous beach.

A unique spot


It is important not to try kite surfing for the first time on your own. Make sure to start with a school where a pro instructor will teach to have an entertaining and safe practice.

Professional, passionate amateurs and beginners all agree: the Almanarre beach constitutes an exceptional kite surfing spot. The beach (over 5 kilometres long) is regularly swept by sustained winds and bathes in sunlight and warm waters throughout the year (between 13 and 25 degrees). The most southern spot in Provence, the Almanarre is a kite surfer paradise!

The best spot

A sail wing into the blue



In order to guarantee a safe and pleasant experience for all, a dedicated kite surfing area has been outlined on the Almanarre beach. It is clearly marked and delineated. Please respect it



Almanarre beach with its funny birds and Giens in the background