Diving destination

Diving in Hyères is like entering the world of silence. Our city is one of the most popular spot in the world.

Diving destination

Put on your diving suit, learn the essential signs to communicate under water, listen to your instructors’ briefing and take off on the boat…Soon enough, the engine will turn off and the boat moor in a creek. The cord ladders will be thrown in the water.     There are over forty diving spots in Hyères […]

Diving spots

Le Donator, le Grec, le ville de Grasse, le Mustang ... 15 diving sites in Hyeres and its isles. Best sites for Diving and why they are so fascinating. Every scuba diver of all levels can enjoy the magnificent diving in Hyeres. The best dive sites for beginners are around Giens or Porquerolles. Port-Cros and Gabinière spot offers even more opportunities to those advanced divers.

diving centers

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