To best capture the wild and natural beauty of Hyères and its islands, explore the territory through one of the city’s numerous hiking and biking trails. Itineraries of marked and unmarked hikes will take you through the natural habitats of its well-preserved flora and fauna.

Walking and Hiking

The 20-km long coastal path offers hiking itineraries for all levels. The most physically challenging part runs to the west of the Giens peninsula and offers breathtaking views. During the months of February and March, the sun as it sets casts its pastel hues upon the cliffs…

The eastern part of the peninsula is more accessible, especially to young walkers.

The coastal path runs along the old salt marches before reaching La Londe. Usually quiet, this itinerary provides a good and accessible itinerary for the whole family (about 7km both ways).


Hiking in the shadow of cork oaks on the golden islands.

when we arrive to the top of the Port Augier creeks ( Giens )

" La pointe des chevaliers " a stunning view

By bike


Bike circuits and orientation courses are on the website of the city of Hyères or on VTT FFC

Further informations

While a classic activity in Porquerolles is to explore the island by bike, there are also many marked cross-country itineraries available on the continent too.

The town of Hyères received the quality label VTT-FFC rewarding its development of a hundred kilometres of cycling paths and trails both on land and in Porquerolles. In the the near future, it ambitions to offer even more marked paths while remaining respectful of the environment.

The Borrels Valley

At the core of Hyères’ countryside, the Borrels Valley offers ideal hiking and cross-country cycling settings. The CRAPA (Rustic Circuit for Open-Air Activities, also called Hubert de David-Beauregard) is a twenty acres mesh of marked paths shared by both hikers and cyclists. The trails’ signposting has been recently redone and provides information for the organisation of entertaining orienteering races. Access to CRAPA is entirely free.

La Mauniere

6 paths for an awesome ride !