In Hyères, each district constitutes a neighbourhood, complete with its own personality, festivals, pétanques courts (bowls pitches), shops and restaurants.

The harbour

On the docks, busy sailors go about their tasks while carefree holiday-goers enjoy a stroll or take a seat at one of the terraces to enjoy the sunset and an apéro. Whether it is during the busy period of the regattas or in the long summer nights, the Saint-Pierre marina is a merry place to spend an evening, lulled by the muffled din of the masts moving in the wind.


The harbour when the sun goes down

The harbour


The Golden Isles are within eye’s grasp but it is its special status as peninsula that grants to Giens its unique charm, inviting you to partake in its own rhythm. Located on a slight hill, it overlooks the coast. The village square offers an unbeatable view upon the sea.


Giens and its charming church


Meeting point of local figures, pétanque players, ice cream trucks and families returning from the beach all contribute to this very special atmosphere


Pétanque players, Square Daviddi,

The salt Marshes

Located next to the ancient salt marshes, the neighbourhood that bears the same name retains an industrious quality,making it particularly attaching in its authenticity. There, you will get to admire fishing boats characteristic of the region (called pointus)!

port Pothuau

The Salt Marshes from the sea