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A good spot all year round

By Mistral, westerly wind, the wind blows "onshore" (which brings you back to the beach), which gives off a good chop, even a few waves (1 to 2 m) when the wind blows above 20 knots.
The nautical club's advice: climb well beyond 300m to take advantage of the fresh wind, which is turbulent near the coast because of the hills.
Be careful, however, if the wind is blowing North / North-West: it is a very gusty wind and navigation can be very technical or even dangerous.
The other prevailing wind: the east wind. The wind blows "offshore" (pushes offshore). It is therefore very easy to leave, but very technical to come back! Because of the hills, the wind is very gusty in strength and direction, we do not necessarily realize the strength of the wind from the beach, being in the shelter. But the water is flat, perfect for foilers!
In summer, it is a southerly thermal, so "side" to the coast which rises in the afternoon. It can blow up to 15 knots.

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