Tourism and Disability

Hyeres Tourist Office wants to offer to everyone a quality welcome and provides the following equipments :

In the case of serious visual inconvenience :

  • A sound beacon  guides you inside  the tourist office.
  • A tactile warning strip will lead you to a lowered information desk.
  • A magnifying glass is at your disposal to help you read our brochures.
  • A brochure in Braille that you can consult at anytime.
  •  In partnership with the audio  library  we record every month Hyeres events. You’ll receive an audio file via email  or you can  listen  to it with an mp3 player at the tourist office.
  • The free access computer has the software JAWS  and  a large-character keyboard.

 In  the case of impaired hearing :

  • A magnetic loop amplifier at the front desk.
  • A brochure describing  all the monuments accessible to the differents types of disability has been created. Don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Hyères tourist office is at your disposal and wish you a pleasant stay !