Alycastre fort

Fort of Alycastre was erected under the authority of Richelieu between 1633 and 1637 to defend the coast and prevent landing on the beaches that surround it. This is a book to turn square pyramidal base, surrounded by a wall in eight-pointed star with gate entrance drawbridge. After the withdrawal of British troops late eighteenth century, it was modified between 1811 and 1814 under Napoleon Bonaparte. From 1848 he served as a state prison. Historic Monument is owned by the Conservatoire du littoral since 2011. Legend has it that the Fort Alycastre have sheltered two days the Iron Mask during his transfer to the island of Sainte Marguerite. Bay of Alycastre is also the birthplace of the most famous legend Porquerollaise. Indeed, there has long been such a terrible cruel that had taken up residence in the cave of the bay Alycastre beast. It was called The Dragron Lycastre left his marker only to swallow all beings who crossed his path. The Porquerollais were terrified and begged the sky. That's when a storm Dante after his ship was wrecked, a valiant knight ran aground on the shore and was rescued by villagers. After recovering he decided to thank its guests to challenge the monster. The Lycastre, sated in his lair was taken aback when the knight cleans her first blow. There followed a long battle, the knight then eventually push his long sword which was due to the monster. The Porquerollais regained peace and baptized Bay Alycastre name. Still remain visible remnants of the lair!


  • Open air
  • Historic patrimony

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