Pic des fées astronomical observatory

Amateur astronomy association with premises and observation equipment. Various observation activities are offered to the public, including children from 8 years old.

Amateur astronomy association with premises and observation equipment.

Several activities are proposed to the public, including children from 8 years old:
- From October to June: reception of the public every Friday evening (8:45pm - 11:30pm) for observations - free access ;
- In July and August: summer evenings - booking and payment (free evening for accompanied minors) exclusively by internet from our website according to the programme established at the end of June.
The evening includes a lecture (open-air amphitheatre), a planetarium session and commented observations of the night sky from telescopes.
- Early August: Night of the Stars - conference at Espace 3000 then observation of the night sky from the telescopes installed in the car park. Free entrance.

The presenters are competent and experienced amateur astronomers, volunteers from the OPF association, experienced in the scientific approach and able to adapt their vocabulary to that of their audience. For certain conferences, the OPF calls on the services of professional astronomers or astrophysicists.

The OPF can also welcome groups by reservation one week in advance (availability of volunteers). Minimum 6 people - maximum 15 people guide price: 10 € / adults 6 € / child (from 8 years old)
Half day 9.30am -12.00pm or 2pm-4.30pm
Sun observation (weather permitting) in complete safety
Astronomy Workshops : Solar system - Moon phases - Sundials
Planetarium session (20 mn)

Evening: 8.30pm - 11pm
Observations of different objects in the sky (depending on the weather)
(Moon by date, planets by date, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies)
Planetarium Session

And finally, it is also possible to meet a trainee's own need for training in the use of the telescope with an individual course.
Evening 5pm - 10pm - indicative price: 150 €.
- Description and implementation of all telescope functions (optics and mount)
- Snack
- Observation with the trainee's telescope
- Dome observation with the 400 mm telescope of the Observatory
For any specific request, the contact address is sahaopf@free.fr.

Since January 2018, access to the Pic des Fées Observatory has been closed by a barrier. For more information, please visit http://astrosurf.com/opf/page-barriere


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