Safety measures on Porquerolles

In the interest of everyone’s safety, access to the island’s forests may be temporarily closed to the public. In these circumstances, it is only allowed to transit (walking or biking) on the paths leading to the beaches, the lighthouse and the Oustaou de Diou creek. These authorised paths are highlighted in green on the map below.

Download in PDF all allowed paths when fire-risk is tvery hight or extreme

Cliquez pour zoomer sur la carte

Cliquez pour zoomer sur la carte

Fire risks on Porquerolles

See actual risk on Porquerolles


  • Light risk (green) : No contraindication
  • Moderate risk (yellow): Caution should be exercised.
  • Severe risk (orange): Access to forest areas is not recommended.
  • Very severe risk (red) and extreme risk (red+): Access (including by sea) and the presence of people in forest areas is forbidden. It is also forbidden to use any vehicle other than on public roads owned by the State, the Department or local authorities. Only the green paths (see above) are authorised.

Safety measures on the island:

  • No fires
  • No smoking
  • No camping
  • No bivouacking
  • No littering
  • Dogs must be on lead at all times. They are not allowed on beaches.
  • No taking plant samples
  • No fruit picking
  • No walking/biking out the dedicated marked trails
  • No loud noise/music
  • Park your bike at allocated spaces

For more information:

In case of a fire, call 112 or 18