From 1932 to 2019

In 1932, Henri Cartier Bresson ( My idol <3) photographed a bicycle hurtling down Edith Wharton avenue. This photo ( by the way this conscious blurry will always fascinate me ! ) is now visible in the Moma Museum ( The Museum Of Modern Art located in New York ) Yes ! A little piece of Hyeres stays in the heart of the the big apple !

(fun fact : last week, someone told me that he saw our Mr Z posters in a restaurant… in Peru ! well… That’s another story… )

The original photo from 1932 © 2018 Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos, courtesy Fondation HCB Paris

The remake

1932-2019 : 87 years separate the first photo from the second one. Yesterday, in the afternoon, I took my old vintage bicycle ( a Starnord made in Valenciennes in the 80s ) to pay a tribute to our photomaster and our beautiful city. I needed a brunette as a model. I chose Julie. Only her sneakners can reveal the real age of the photo. But, we must move with the times right ? ?

Our 2019 version ! © Julien Veyssade – Hyères Tourisme.

Your turn !

Even if the barriers have been changed, the pavement is not the same, and the background has been modified you can still take the same photo “just like Henri Cartier Bresson”.

If you want to practice your photography skills > Edith Warton Avenue :