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Village atmosphere

Hyères’ city centre remains little known by visitors who tend to prefer its beaches and islands. However, the old town – perched upon a hill and dominated by the ruins of a medieval castle that used to belong to the Knights of Fos – deserves a proper visit.

Whale watching

Did you know that a few miles off the Golden Isles, a mere minutes away, you could spot some dolphins, sea turtles and even whales?

Villa Noailles, a modern masterpiece

The villa’s initial commission asked for a “small, interesting house to live in” in Hyères, South of France. This was quite a challenge for the young architect Robert Mallet-Stevens who had been contracted by Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, a wealthy couple of Parisian patrons with avant-garde tastes.

The saltmarshes birds

In the distant past, Giens was actually an island. Nowadays, it is linked to the continent by two parallel stretches of sand. In between these two laces of land, a series of lagoons were, for years, used as salt marshes.

Hiking in Giens

  A unique peninsula To the newcomer, there isn’t a more peculiar sight than this salty land stretching between the sky and the sea: its horizontality only broken by the presence of pinewood and hamlets. At the end of the peninsula, suspended like a final point, lies the village of Giens. You have arrived at the […]

All aboard !

We invite you aboard the Brigantin, an old rig with many charm, to discover Hyères and its islands.

Underwater archaeological trail

Water hikes with fins Fins, goggles and a snorkel are all you need to explore the submarine world around the Giens peninsula. A guide will take you on a discovery of the protected reefs and their rich vegetal and animal inhabitants. (Guided water hikes take place between June and September. See our “Guided Visits” brochure) […]

Reach for the stars

  The neighbourhood of Costebelle is located on a hill to the West of town. From its promontory, it offers unbeatable views on the city, the bay and the peninsula. The Observatory of the Pic des Fées is a surprising sight, looking like it just landed atop the Mont des Oiseaux hill. The Observatory was built by a group of […]

All naked

Dressed or undressed, all visitors are welcome if they agree to be as tolerant as villagers, for few hours, few days or more if, you too,falling in love with this island. Durville brothers naturism is still present. the Levantine conviviality and simplicity life give evidence of it.

The Almanarre Beach: a kitesurfer paradise

  Between sky and sea Although it may look complex, kite surfing is actually quite accessible, even to children. As you glide on the waves, the wind is your ally, providing you with thrilling sensations. Moreover, the sport offers great 360° views on the Almanarre, the coast and the high seas. You won’t resist it! Beginners will […]

Major Events

Hyères is not only home to world nautical events – ISAF Sailing World Cup Hyères, Almanarre Grand Prix – the town’s year-round cultural agenda also includes important events in the worlds of music, fashion, architecture and design.