Hiking in Giens


A unique peninsula

To the newcomer, there isn’t a more peculiar sight than this salty land stretching between the sky and the sea: its horizontality only broken by the presence of pinewood and hamlets. At the end of the peninsula, suspended like a final point, lies the village of Giens. You have arrived at the most southern tip of Provence, located on the same latitude as the northern Corsican cape.

Double tombolo

In order to grasp the surprising topography of the peninsula, one might need a map…or better even: to hop on a plane. The double tombolo – a rare geological formation – links Giens to the continent. These two parallel routes (two stretches of land made of sand and alluvium) run southward, framing in their centre the salt marshes and the Pesquiers pond. Still today, the latter hosts a remarkable ornithological reserve.

Giens from Le mont des oiseaux

Hiking in Giens

Walk the Line

The ‘Salt Route’ runs along the western part of the tombolo, parallel to the Almanarre beach. While this long road becomes very crowded in the summer, in the winter, it returns to its natural state as a traffic-free path perfect for walks or bike excursions. This is a favourite Sunday activity among locals!


The village of Giens has retained its Provençal cachet and offers an extraordinary view on the peninsula, the beaches and the historic centre of Hyères to the North; and to the South, on the vast expanse of the blue sea and the islands.



Discover the history of salt and the Pesquiers salt marshes with our guides. There is also a special visit for children.

Further informations

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The coastal path

Enjoy a hike along the coastal path. Your effort will be rewarded by an uninterrupted view over the small islands, creeks, deserted beached and marinas, appearing from behind large pine trees. Many marked paths are accessible. To the east, an easier path links the Tour Fondue to la Badine and offers unbeatable views on the Toulon roadstead. To the West, a more physically demanding trail will take you from the Madrague to the Niel marina, offering successive views of Porquerolles, smaller islands and the peninsula.


La pointe du Piguet from the sea