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Shuttle boats to Porquerolles

Several Ferry companies connect the mainland to Porquerolles island. From Hyères - the Tour Fondue located at the end of the Giens Peninsula with TLV TVM (all year round), but also from other coastal municipalities in Var (during high-season).

Accommodation in Porquerolles

Hotels, holiday rentals, guesthouses, holiday residences and on board ships, Porquerolles offers accomodations to suit all tastes. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Porquerolles Events

The list of what’s going on during your stay in Porquerolles !

Leisure and activities

Have you ever been on this island that has regained its natural beauty thanks to the conservation efforts of the National Park? Porquerolles, the most visited of the Golden Isles (îles d’Or), is at its best in the low season. The natural beauty of Porquerolles is best explored by bike, by foot or even by boat. Here, everyone is […]

Porquerolles beaches

Porquerolles has two facets: on the southern side, the coast is made of steep cliffs and secluded creeks only accessible to hikers. The northern side, on the other hand, offers fine sand beaches and turquoise waters…our very own Caribbean!   This special island awaits your visit…   

Itineraries and routes

You'll find below an interactive map of the routes and cycling paths recommended by the Tourist Office.


From snacks to haute cuisine, here's a look at the restaurants in Porquerolles.

Shops and services

You’ll find on this page a selection of shops and services on the island.  We also have listed all the institutions such as  the post office, the police station, the city hall…    

Places to see

Because Porquerolles has many faces, you’ll find below a selection of places to see on the island. Some of them are open to the public.

Safety measures on Porquerolles

In the interest of everyone’s safety, access to the island’s forests may be temporarily closed to the public. In these circumstances, it is only allowed to transit (walking or biking) on the paths leading to the beaches, the lighthouse and the Oustaou de Diou creek. These authorised paths are highlighted in green on the map below. […]

Useful information

Parkings, harbor master, fire risks and other information about the national park are on this page

Contact Porquerolles

You can contact our office in Porquerolles using the form below or the ” chat ” in the lower-right corner.

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Welcome to Porquerolles! A short 10-minutes boat ride away from the coast, the crescent-shaped island nestles a charming village in its centre where you will find a wide and diverse offer of accommodation, restaurants and bike rentals. The best way to discover Porquerolles is hiking or cycling on the numerous marked trails of the National Park.

Porquerolles has two facets: on the southern side, the coast is made of steep cliffs and secluded creeks only accessible to hikers. The northern side, on the other hand, offers fine sand beaches and turquoise waters…our very own Caribbean! As for the core of the island, it is made of fertile plains on which the botanical conservatory grows ancient and unique species. This special island awaits your visit…

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from 56 /pers.

Seatrip around the islands

Not so long ago, we wrote an article about sea excursions… What better way on holiday than to take a boat trip around the islands ? I know, being a blogger is so difficult. I “had to ” try this seatrip in a brand new boat which take you to Port cros and Porquerolles islands the same day.

Visites guidées – Fort Sainte-Agathe

Villa Carmignac – Exhibition 2022 – Ulysse’ dream

The Odyssey is a book, a myth, a world. This year, the Villa Carmignac will present an exhibition inspired by the Greek hero who sailed for ten years to return home after the Trojan War (The Iliad). Legend has it that Ulysses reached the shores of Porquerolles Island, where he fought and struck down the Alycastre, the monster sent by Poseidon and sculpted by the artist Miquel Barceló at the entrance of the Villa Carmignac. On this wild Mediterranean island off the coast of Hyères in the South of France, where the light, sea, trees and caves are the same as in Homer’s time, gods and myths are still very much alive. The Odyssey continues to accompany us and to help us live, like some more contemporary works of art, which sometimes light our way. Thanks to the intuition of this year’s guest curator, Francesco Stocchi, a curator at the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum and of the Swiss Pavilion at the 2022 Venice Biennale, the Villa Carmignac will be transformed into a labyrinth for this exhibition. Is Ulysses’ decade-long journey of return, with its diversions, impasses and traps, not a labyrinthine journey drawn on the sea? In a disorientating scenography of meandering corridors and crossings that multiply the possible circuits, you will be constantly faced with choices: take this path or turn their back on it, see one work and not another. You will have to navigate by avoiding the traps and illusions – mirrors, trompe-l’oeil and other tiny spaces – scattered along the way by the scenographer, Margherita Palli. Unlike classical labyrinths, which are devoid of references, this one has the particularity of being populated by works of art. You will wander through the maze, making choices about which path to take and coming face to face with works depicting women and seduction, monsters and their terrifying potential, heroes, fabulous and divine beings, animals and more. Among these human and non-human figures, in the labyrinth, travellers may recognise a little of themselves, and discover the means with which to explore their own secrets. The labyrinth, a physical and mental space par excellence, opens up to an introspective journey. For Ulysses, it is a journey of the return to the self, as well as to his island; for the visitors, walking in his footsteps and forging new paths on this island, it is a contemporary and intimate odyssey. Thanks to a partnership with the Port-Cros National Park, the exhibition continues this year in the Fort Saint-Agathe with Leandro Erlich’s clouds floating to a soundtrack by the Moriarty group.

Exhibition Zaruk

Meditative visit Villa Carmignac

Meditative visit combining art and yoga, followed by a free visit of the exhibition and the garden

Feast of Saint Peter

Outdoor cinema Villa Carmignac

Workshop for children Villa Carmignac

Jazz à Porquerolles

Catherine Marcq

à partir de 43.50 /pers. For a day

A day on Porquerolles

Ever dreamt about spending a day on Porquerolles, one of the most beautiful islands of the French Riviera? It is now possible from only 43€50 per adult. For the 6th year in a row, the special offer “L’hiver est plus doux à Porquerolles” returns. Enjoy a relaxing off-season day on Porquerolles, also known as the […]