2400 years of history

On November 14 Hyères is awarded the “City of Art and History” label. This national label is a major asset for cultural tourism. It recognizes the rich architecture, heritage and nature of Hyères and its Golden Isles.

Sites & monuments

All monuments in Hyères and its islands. Forts, churches, villas, typical architecture etc ...

A National Park

First maritime park in Europe, Port-Cros National Park covers 690 acres on land and almost the double on sea. Its missions are multifold, from devising protective measures to leading campaigns to raise awareness about the park’s natural habitat.

Artists and writers

Hyères: muse of the South? Did Hyères leave its influence of the numerous writers and artists who came to spend some time here? How many authors did the rooms of the Grand Hotel or, more humbly, the benches of Giens, silently welcome? The writer Joseph Conrad (1921) mentioned the Giens peninsula in his latest book The Rover and Francis Scott […]

Hyères as a Film Stage

The gorgeous Anna Karina dragging her nonchalance along the Treille beach in Porquerolles…the old pontoon and lovers shed are still standing, just as in the famous New Wave movie Pierrot le Fou by Jean-Luc Godard(1965).

Fauna and flora

Located at the extreme south of Provence and stretching between the sky and the sea, Hyères covers a large and varied territory: on land but also on and under the sea. Throughout your walks both along the protected coast and inland, you will encounter a remarkable variety of vegetal and animal species. The rich flora and fauna native to Hyères has been attracting botanists and ornithologists from around the world ever since the 19th century.