Urban delights

Black or green olives soaked in oil, spice mixessun-dried tomatoesthyme and rosemary bouquets… A few steps away, you will find all the required ingredients to cook your ratatouille: vegetables, basil, garlic and other spices. While the Saturday morning market is in full swing, the abundance of appealing products call for a slower pace. On the Gambetta Avenue, you will find the flower market and its peony and rose-laden displays. Right next to it is the fish market and its fresh selection of rock fish and red mullets. Try the local artichokes and sweet potatoes as well as the delicious strawberries and kiwis produced by the surrounding domains.

Influences from near and far

Everything in Hyères is an explosion of colours and fragrances and the emphasis is placed on fresh products for a generous and flavoursome cuisine. In town, the influence of nearby regions can also be felt in the displays of Corsican cured-meats, Italian extra-virgin olive oils, Calabrian fresh pasta as well as anchovy specialties typical of Nice.

Sweet tooth

Pastry lovers will fall for the greedy treats and chocolates made at Dominique’s or the homemade biscuits of Mène’s or ’s. Now that you have bought your loaf of farmhouse bread, the only thing missing might be…the wine! Quick, to our favourite cellar to select a bottle of local rosé before the guests arrive!



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