The Golden Isles

Together, the three islands are called the Golden Isles: an appropriate nickname for these islands whose natural beauty still allows each one to retain its own character.

Island hopping

The islands fit all sizes and ideas of a holiday: will you prefer lounging on the white-sand beaches of Porquerolles and take your family on long bike rides finishing the day off with a delicious ice-cream on the village square? Or, rather, will you opt for a wilder adventure, exploring the protected island of Port-Cros, its numerous hiking paths and surprising underwater fauna? Unless you prefer to make a stop on the third island of Le Levant, visiting its naturist village and the natural reserve of les Arbousiers (arbutus trees)…

These are your islands

Thanks to the tireless work of the Port-Cros National Park (founded in 1963) and of its collaborators, the islands have maintained their natural beauty for you to enjoy. It is also your responsibility to care for the islands by respecting nature.


Find on this page all the information needed to prepare your trip to Porquerolles island.


There are no cars in Port-Cros…not even a bike to disturb the insular calm. Heart of the National Park created in 1963, the wildest and best preserved of the Golden Isles is made for hiking. Be Robinson Crusoe for a day and set upon the island’s marked trails, losing yourself among the arbutus and cistus trees, accompanied on your adventure by the cicadas’ song. Three trails running along the coast and inland will take you on a discovery hike amidst Port-Cros’ natural and cultural wonders.

Le Levant

Le Levant is a naturist paradise: it is allowed to walk naked everywhere except for a few public spaces like the harbour and the village square.