A National Park

First maritime park in Europe, Port-Cros National Park covers 690 acres on land and almost the double on sea. Its missions are multifold, from devising protective measures to leading campaigns to raise awareness about the park’s natural habitat.

Preserve and raise awareness


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Like every French National Park, Port Cros’ mission is to protect species, natural habitats, landscapes and built dwellings. Every day, its passionate team juggle between varied tasks: preventing wood fire, getting rid off parasitic species, protecting biodiversity, developing new measures and much more.

If preserving nature is important, raising the environmental awareness of the growing amount of visitors also constitutes one of the park’s key mission. All year long, its team improves on-site signage and updates information aimed at the general public, school groups, sail boats and divers.

Protected zones

In order to improve the protection of the entire bay of Hyères and its peninsula, the park is part of the Natura 2000 network. It has also acted as a coordinator for the Pelagos International Sanctuary for the Protection of Marine Mammals since 1999.


Port-Cros & Porquerolles, inside the pelagos sanctuary