Le Levant is a naturist paradise: it is allowed to walk naked everywhere except for a few public spaces like the harbour and the village square.

Shuttle boats

There are regular shuttles to Le Levant from the Saint-Pierre marina. The schedules and prices are available on the TLV website: www.tlv-tvm.com.

Accommodation in Le Levant

From hotels to bed and breakfast and holiday residences, Le Levant offers a fine selection of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets.


The Durville Brothers In 1931, the Durville brothers decided to open the first naturist center on the island. Until then, le Levant had been a land of conflicts and uprising. Fifty years after the St Anne penitential colony closed its doors in 1848, they chose this remote island to launch their new concept: naturism. A village, […]

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Heliopolis: a naturist haven witnessing the past For most of its past, Le Levant’s history has been closely linked to its neighbour Port-Cros. From the 5th to the 16th century, Le Levant was the most prosperous of the three Golden Isles, protected by the different religious orders that occupied it. As Francis the 1st turned the island into […]

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The main part (90 %) of Le Levant belongs to the French army and is used as a launching base for submarine missiles. However, if the island is so famous, it is not so much for its military prowess than thanks to the Drs Gaston and André Durville who, in 1931, created on the other side of the island the Domain of Heliopolis (the city of the sun), a community celebrating a new
mode of harmonious living based on nudism, self-respect, respect of others and Nature. Spanning over 197 acres, the island’s lush vegetation counts some of the most beautiful arbutus trees in Europe.

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Bal au Levant

Come and dance on the village square or on the Port: