Did you know that a few miles off the Golden Isles, a mere minutes away, you could spot some dolphins, sea turtles and even whales?


Inside the Pelagos sanctuary

The seas of Hyères belong to the wider Pelagos sanctuary, a protected maritime zone linking the Giens Peninsula to Fosso-Chiarone (north of Rome) to the northern coast of Sardinia. The aim of the sanctuary is to permit reasonable fishing while protecting marine mammals. It is thanks to the actions of the Pelagos sanctuary that, since 2002, it has become possible again to spot dolphins and even sperm whales off the coast of Porquerolles. The luckiest might even catch a glimpse of the powerful breath (up to 8 metres high) of the fin whale, the second largest animal on the planet that occasionally leaves the abysses of the sea to come and catch its breath in shallower waters.


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Treat your inner child

If your childhood dream has always been to see dolphins from up close in respect of and within their natural habitat, book a ticket for some dolphin watching activity that can be done all year round. Boats depart from the Giens Peninsula.

A young dolphin " strike a pose "

A group of pilot whales in front of the espace mer boat

Action !

How to meet dolphins ?

Vertical Horizon

From May to september, in the morning  Cédric takes you offshore on his semi-rigid boat.

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Espace Mer

Boat tour with the ” Mousquemer”,  from Hyères (tour Fondue or St Pierre Marina ).

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Cap O iles 


Book your tour with Patrick Pétrognani 

Departure from Carqueiranne