Amazing beaches

In Hyères, the sea everywhere offers all the pleasures of a great holiday: swimming, sunbathing, family picnics, beach games and sliding sports.

Family friendly activities

What to do in Hyères when we have kids ?

Colorful Markets

Urban delights Black or green olives soaked in oil, spice mixes, sun-dried tomatoes, thyme and rosemary bouquets… A few steps away, you will find all the required ingredients to cook your ratatouille: vegetables, basil, garlic and other spices. While the Saturday morning market is in full swing, the abundance of appealing products call for a slower pace. On the Gambetta Avenue, you will find the flower market and […]

The spirit of the South

In the south, it is customary to take an apéro (or aperitif) before dinner. While the polemic rages on between the partisans of pastis and those of rosé, here are a few ideas to vary your apéros.

Remarkable Gardens

Hyères: lush garden of the French Riviera

Hiking and biking

To best capture the wild and natural beauty of Hyères and its islands, explore the territory through one of the city's numerous hiking and biking trails. Itineraries of marked and unmarked hikes will take you through the natural habitats of its well-preserved flora and fauna.

Hyères districts

In Hyères, each district constitutes a neighbourhood, complete with its own personality, festivals, pétanques courts (bowls pitches), shops and restaurants.

Olbia, the archeological site

Phocaeans founded Hyères in the 4th century B.C. Its original name was Olbia “The Blessed One”, a fortified maritime outpost and a colony on the way to Marseille (Massilia) whose importance equalled that of bigger cities of the region such as Nikaia (Nice), Antipolis (Antibes) and Agathé (Agde). The archaeological site of Olbia is the only one on […]

Diving destination

Diving in Hyères is like entering the world of silence. Our city is one of the most popular spot in the world.