The spirit of the south

In the south, it is customary to take an apéro (or aperitif) before dinner. While the polemic rages on between the partisans of pastis and those of rosé, here are a few ideas to vary your apéros.

Apéro time

In order to help you choose, we drafted a list of bars available on our site. Imagine: the sun is retreating behind the horizon, candles brighten the now deserted beach, the wind has quieted down leaving a glassy sea to gaze dreamily at. Dig your feet deeper into the moist sand, let out a happy sigh and enjoy your drink!


Located on the coast, many locals of La Capte, Hyères Plage, les Salins, l’Ayguade and l’Almanarre offer memorable views on t

he sea, perfect for a romantic apéro. For those lucky ones staying the night on the islands, the bars of Porquerolles and Port-Cros offer the perfect backdrop to enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

In town, the bars populating the high Massillon Square have large shades and humidifiers, offering a refreshing break from the stifling summer heat. The shady terraces on Clotis Avenue provide another a welcoming spot. Noteworthy are also the bars of the harbour, protected from the heat once the sun has set and the eucalyptus-lined terraces of the Place d’Armes, the main square of Porquerolles.



The trick apéro

In the summer, as the early evening provides solace from the heat of the day, friends meet up in the centre of Hyères. In the bars of the city centre, they share bowls of pistachio, anchovy and olive paste…perfect nibbles to enjoy with a fresh glass of local rosé. All along the Gambetta Avenue, young people meet to talk about their days, listen to some live music, debate of existential issues sometimes… Just as convivial, yet more secret, head toward the bars of the Giens peninsula. Beware the apéro lure though, as a quick drink often turns into a full hour and maybe even the whole evening… hence its name of “trick apéro”! *




Apero time in square Massilon. Perfect place to have a good time !

Summer nights in Porquerolles, at Mas du Langoustier.



A game of petanque

All you need for a pétanque game, be it in family or with friends is 15 meters in the corner of a square, a shaded track or one of the numerous boulodromes – or pétanque courts – available through town…


Chose your style

Once the location determined, the game may begin, following the rules of the pétanque, its Provencal variation or the Lyon ball game. Among the most popular pétanque courts in town is the “first-class” boulodrome in front of the Media Library (on the Vicomtesse-de-Noailles Square) as well as the court located on the Daviddi Square at l’Ayguade. The Palaggoi court at the Salins as well as the one located on the car park of La Capte often turn into the stages of epic encounters.


A makeshift ethos

At the core of pétanque’s philosophy lies its ability to pop up in the least probable places. Each neighbourhood has at least one pétanque court. In the campsites of Hyères, a court is also a must, sometimes building up to heated and memorable encounters for the discipline…As for the vast pinewood located between l’Ayguade and les Salins, it calls for a particular, “four-wheel drive” version of the sport which would pair wonderfully with a picnic in the shade of the pine trees.


Pro pétanque

Are you ready to face the local champions? Here is a map with the location of the city’s official and non-official pétanque courts:


Game of petanque


Nap time, port of Niel



The required siesta

After a delicious Provencal lunch at the restaurant, a siesta – or nap – will feel like a requirement! Here again, to each one one’s preferences. Some like nothing better than the freshness of their own house while others opt for an outdoor nap, lulled to sleep by the cicadas or the sound of the Mistral blowing in the maritime pines. For the former, the parc des Chevaliers or the Ayguade pinewood might provide perfect settings. There are also those who fall asleep on the beach, undisturbed by the laughs of children or the chatter of their towel neighbours. Others still might take a sneaky snooze aboard their boat or in a secluded pebble creek of the Giens peninsula.

* All beverages are to be enjoyed moderately of course: excessive alcohol consumption is harmful. You may also prefer sipping a tomato juice or a refreshing cordial…