In Hyères, the sea everywhere offers all the pleasures of a great holiday: swimming, sunbathing, family picnics, beach games and sliding sports.


A protected coastline

I have heard that at times, it is still possible to swim in December. The climate here is fantastic” – Leo Tolstoy. 1860 correspondence.

In Hyères, the sea is everywhere, offering a wide selection of activities: swimming and sunbathing of course, but also family picnicsbeach games and nautical sports.

From the vast expenses of white sand to salvage luscious creeks, there are beaches for every tastes here.


Family beach holiday


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Further informations

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Thanks to its numerous beaches, it is possible to try a new beach everyday, depending on the wind and time. The 5km long Almanarre beach is best to shelter from the wind and is a perfect setting to watch the sunset. On the peninsula, the beaches of La Capte, La Badine or La Bergerie are also good for days when the Mistral blows. And that is not all for one should also include what Porquerolles has to offer: the blissful beaches of Notre-Damela Courtade and Plage d’Argent. In Port-Cros, the secluded Palud beach and Plage du Sud constitute a refreshing reward after a beautiful walk.

Secluded beaches and creeks

The Giens peninsula is replete with small, hidden beaches: Darboussièresthe Four à Chaux creekthe Hermitage beach…



When the wind blows from the east, the best beaches to go to are the Almanarre or the Anse du Four à Chaux (on the Giens Peninsula). When the Mistral (a north-western wind) rises, it is advisable to prefer the beaches of La BadineLa Capte and l’Ayguade.