Hyères discovery walks

Our discovery map will take you through the different historic layers constituting Hyères and its architecture. You may also be interested in taking part in one of the fascinating guided walks led by our conference guides.

Medieval streets and 19th century facades


Visiting Hyères is taking a stroll through 2,400 years of History, retracing the steps of its illustrious founders. Discover the historic centre: its labyrinthine mesh of paved streets, the ruins of the fortified city walls and the daring architecture of 19th century palaces. Visit the town’s buildings and gardens. Catch a panoramic view of the city from the heights of the medieval castle.


The old town

⏱ Duration : 1h30 /  from Hyères tourist office
  • Church Saint Louis
  • Massillon Gate
  • rue des Porches
  • The knights Templar Tower
  • Peñiscola house
  • Saint-Paul collegiate house
  • Passage Jules Romain
  • The Princes ‘ Gate
  • Castel Sainte-Claire
  • Cupule Slabs
  • The castle
  • Villa Noailles
  • Barruc Gate
  • Romanesque house
  • Portalet square

Medieval town

The Villa Noailles

Péñiscola house

Saint-Paul church

Hyères 19th

⏱ Duration : 1h30 /   from Hyères tourist office
  •  Park Hotel
  • Clemenceau square
  •  Lutétia Palace
  •  Villa Chapoulart
  •  Grand Hôtel des îles d’or
  •  Villa Godillot
  • Sainte Marie des anges
  • Godillot riding strables & ring
  • La Villa Mauresque
  • Godillot fontain
  • Anglicane church
  • La Villa La Criquette
  • Tunisian Villa
  • Palm trees Grand Hotel
  • Anatole France primary school
  • Avenue Joseph Clotis

Godillot fountain

Moorish villa

Grand Hotel des îles d'Or

Clotis avenue