Les îles d'Or

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The Hyères-born writer Gustave Roux tells the story surrounding the legend of the Golden Isles or the “Stoechades” (the aligned ones) as they used to be called.


Prince Olbianus had four daughters whom he loved dearly and whose beauty only matched their skills and accuracy. They were excellent swimmers and would often adventure far from the coasts. One day, as they were swimming away from the mainland, a pirate ship appeared on the horizon. The prince, their father asked them to return hastily. Unfortunately, the foreign ship was faster and caught up with them. In despair, the prince fell to his knees and begged the Gods to spare his daughters. The Gods were moved by his request and just as the pirates were about to grab them, the four daughters felt their limbs stiffen and their bodies turn to stone. The three sisters who were the furthest away from the shores became the island archipelago known as the îles d'or, the Golden isles. The youngest one, closer to the coast turned to stone as she desperately tried to reach her father’s arms. She became the Giens peninsula. According to all, the islands have kept the princesses’ incredible beauty…

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