On the "Salt Road"

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Salty sea sprays

Where to? The South. The extreme South, all the way to the narrow stretch of land of the western tombolo, more famously known as the “Salt Road”.


The route has been marked by a numbered signage, allowing you to keep a sense of your location and to ease meeting points.

A family walk.

From the Olbia archaeological site, go straight toward the Almanarre beach, keeping the Pesquiers salt marshes to your left. The Salt Road is closed to traffic between October and May, making it an ideal spot for a family walk or a bike ride. As wind and kite surfers glide silently on the sea, enjoy a privileged instant of peace among nature.


Bird watching

During your walk, you may catch the sight of a pink flamingo or an avocet. Nothing surprising here for the salt marshes constitute a remarkable bird reserve, home to over 260 species. Eagle-eyed amateur botanists might also spot sea daffodils: a rare and protected plant that blooms along the road in the summer. Your children will love to look for a black-winged stilt taking off or a heron flying overhead…

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