It’s always fun to do something new… You will find in this article a list of new things you can do while visiting our ( wonderful and beautiful ^^ ) city ! Here we go !

The ex-votos of Saint-Paul Collegiale church

During the restoration works on the interiors of Saint-Paul Collegiate Church, the ex-votos have been preserved outside the church, and some of them have been restored. They are now resettled in the narthex, on a single wall, so that people can see this exceptional collection at a glance.

→ Saint Paul Collegiate Church – opening hours 

  • From Tuesday to Saturday ( closed on bank holidays )
  • From 10am to 1pm / 2pm to 5 pm
  • Free entrance

Mairie Hyères © - The ex-votos

© Mairie d'Hyères-The ex-votos

 Bright images projection itinerary

Launched in 2018 with projections on the floor in rue de Limans, a permanent path of light projections can be discovered since December 14, 2019 in the evening, and run all year round.
These images are related to history and are projected on: The Knights Templar tower, the roof of the rue du Repos’ lavoir, Saint-Paul square, Saint-Louis’ church, the eastern facade of the multimedia library and still in rue de Limans.


© Mairie d'Hyères- Bright images

© Mairie d'Hyères- Church Saint Louis

Villa Carmignac new exhibition

The Villa Carmignac opened in 2018 (2000 m2)  and showcases exhibitions under a former vineyard on Porquerolles island.

For its 2020 season, Fondation Carmignac has invited American curator and writer Chris Sharp to organise its forthcoming exhibition at Villa Carmignac on the island of Porquerolles, France.

Entitled “La mer imaginaire” (‘The imaginary sea’), this project will transform the villa into an underwater natural history museum, questioning the interactions between our civilization and the marine world. Visitors will dive into an aquatic ecosystem, navigating fascinating representations and marine creatures, both dreamy and threatening at once.

“La mer imaginaire will not only consider how artists are re-evaluating our relationship with nature, but also examine how nature, particularly the sea, sparks our imagination.” Chris Sharp

Villa Carmignac


The walk of l’Ayguade

Everyone loves a walk along the seashore right ? In June last year, Hyères launched a brand new ( and superb ) promenade  ( 1.8 km ) from l’Ayguade to the port. Come and enjoy an ice cream on square Daviddi where you’ll find pétanque players  or families returning from the beach…  While going for a walk ( or excercice  it’s up to you! ) you’ll love beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea…