Gardens and orchards

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Are you familiar with spirulina? Many estates in Hyères specialising in the exploitation of this rich micro-alga are opened for visits.


A hundred colours, a hundred flavours

Here in Hyères, our farmers are master-gardeners whose skills lie in the production of authentic vegetables like purple artichokes, lettuces, Swiss chards and pumpkins. Coming to your table via the weekly Famers’ Market, these sun-gorged vegetables come out from the early months of the year on.

Local agricultural production relies on both large exploitations specialising in wine and flowers and smaller vegetable producers.

Hyères produce 70% of France’s cut flowers, however, flower production only represents a small section of local agriculture. To this should be added the products of its 17 vineyards as well as fruits, olive oil, honey and poultry. The Borrels vineyard peach is a particularly tasty fruit that you will only find in selected estates.

Greedy snack

Take a stroll at the Farmers’ Market and marvel at the rich diversity of seasonal products grown on our land. Learn more about local producing methods by visiting a farm or an agricultural estate.

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